About Us

Building A Better Life Thru Arts

  • The Konnected Foundation Inc. was created in 2012 as a response to the growing impact experienced with the onset of the Queen City Awards- the largest participated celebration of local entertainment since 2005.

    Background:The Queen City Awards is an unprecedented event that joined the Charlotte community and entertainment industry together. Glover worked tirelessly to build yet another platform for our local entertainment industry to showcase and be celebrated. It was hugely successful right away and in following years revenue and attendance has doubled. It is still considered the biggest annual industry event in the region leading to the milestone of our former Mayor Anthony Foxx proclaiming every 2nd Saturday in December as Queen City Awards Day.

    Founder Kevan Glover realized the value in revitalizing Charlotte’s cultural community and decided to create an ongoing extension of outreach distinct to various genres of music and entertainment- representative of our diverse metropolitan.

    Mr. Glover established this charitable foundation to formalize fundraising and distribution of scholarships as a resource to the development of youth arts and to forge Konnectivity within our community.  In order to further develop a comprehensive and integrated cultural presence, The Konnected Kommunity Affair events will be a platform for our programs along with other community organizations and projects to gain exposure. Its purpose is to support culture and infuse wellness in a bold and innovative way.  These events will be exemplary of The Konnected Foundation’s mission to engage communities through the extension of arts and entertainment.  Forging community partnerships with area organizations and businesses will provide a stage for Charlotte’s diverse talent. The intent is to showcase, entertain and raise awareness as a community Konnected which consequently will be branded trendsetting.

    Mission Statement – Building A Better Life Thru Arts

    Vision Statement – To heighten interests and increase resources to make a practical contribution to our community by way of the arts and entertainment